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  • Velvit Oil

    A wood finish that stains fills, seals, protects, and beautifies all in one coat.
    Apply to furniture, paneling, antiques, floors, doors, woodwork, picture frames, cutting boards, gun stocks and exterior woodwork.

  • Velvit Cabin & Deck Finish
    An exterior semi-transparent wood finish that repels water, reduces warping and cracking, deters mold growth, while keeping the natural wood beauty.
    For finishing siding, logs, decks, lawn furniture, fences and trim. Apply to bare wood or over semi-transparent stains.
  • MS1818 Fast Dry Oil Stain
    A Fast dry oil stain. Colors are transparent but can be supplied with more opacity to suit your needs. Clear base is also available to tint with our color concentrates.
    Interior applications such as furniture, decorative wood products, cabinets, woodwork, and tables.

  • Velvit Lemon Oil

    VELVIT LEMON OIL is comprised of pure natural ingredients. It cleans, polishes and preserves fine furniture and other surfaces. Apply sparingly with a slight dampened soft cloth, then wipe the excess oil off of the surface with a clean, dry toweling. Always apply and dry with the grain.

  • Velvit Shield

    A fast dry, wipe on polyurethane varnish. It shows good adhesion and flexibility. It is highly resistant to alcohol, staining, and many harsh chemicals. 
    For cabinets, furniture, and woodwork.


  • Velvit Poly-Gel
    Velvit Poly-Gel is a smooth blend of polyurethane and oils that is easily wiped on for a no mess application. The finish is hard and durable, resisting alcohol, water and harsh chemicals. It is a fine topcoat over stain, varnish or bare wood and will not run, drip or sag. For cabinets, bar tops, furniture and woodwork and also has been used as a pottery glaze.
  • 4296 Water Reducible Sanding Sealer
    A wood sanding sealer is a very good quality acrylic emulsion type sealer for wood finishing. Can be applied over most dye and pigmented stains while providing excellent intercoat adhesion between stain and topcoats. Also can be used on most plastic surfaces. Designed for use with 4297, a water reducible topcoat.
  • 4297 Water Reducible Topcoat
    A clear, tough acrylic emulsion type topcoat for interior wood and plastic finishing. Designed for use over water reducible sanding sealer. Non-combustible, excellent adhesion, mar and UV resistance. Excellent for furniture and cabinets.
  • 4298 Water Reducible Stain
    A water reducible acrylic emulsion type stain for use with water reducible topcoat finishes. Available in custom colors for your indivdual color needs.